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The undersigned undersigned believe that membership of the Garrick, whilst it maintains its ongoing policy of refusing to accept female members, to be inconsistent with the Courts and Tribunals Judiciary’s Guide to Judicial conduct.

The Guide to Judicial Conduct clearly sets out a commitment to equality and diversity in both public and private life as described by the following two statements:

  • On page 10 of the GJC it states: “The principles of exercising equality and fairness of treatment have always been fundamental to the role and conduct of the judiciary when carrying out their judicial functions and are inherent in the judicial oath. These principles should also be reflected in conduct outside court.

  • Because judicial office necessarily attracts public scrutiny, judicial office holders are subject to constraints on their private lives which might not apply to others. Whilst they are, of course, entitled to a private life, they should not act in a way, even in their private or family life, which could reduce respect for judicial office or cast doubt on their independence, impartiality or integrity. They should avoid situations in which risks of this kind are likely to arise.

We believe that if a judge is a member of a club that excludes women without clear or valid purpose it cannot be consistent with these principles of equality and fairness.  

We therefore urge members of the Judiciary who are also members of the Garrick to retire their Garrick membership until a time in which its no women policy is overturned.

All signatures are given in a personal capacity.

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King's Counsel

Aileen McColgan KC

Alex Bailin KC

Chris Henley KC

Eleanor Laws KC

Elizabeth Isaacs KC

Fionnuala McCredie KC

Gemma Taylor KC

Hannah Markham KC

James Wood KC

Joel Donovan KC

Wayne Jordash KC

Louis Flannery KC

Samantha Knights KC

Jolyon Maugham KC

Jonathan Laidlaw KC 


Leon Kazakos KC

Lexa Hilliard KC 

Lisa Busch KC

Lord Hendy KC 

Marcia Shekerdemian KC

Marian Gilmore KC

Michael Mansfield KC

Michael Wolkind KC

Sasha Wass KC

Alison Morgan KC

Riel Karmy-Jones KC

Patricia Hitchcock KC

Peter Carter KC

Professor Jo Delahunty KC

Rachel Crasnow KC

Roderick Johnson KC

Rosemary Jackson KC

Sir Geoffrey Bindman KC

Stefan Cross KC

Susan Rodway KC

Suzanna McKie KC

Tom Crowther KC


Robin Allen KC



Members of Parliament 

Caroline Nokes, MP

John McDonnell, MP

Caroline Lucas, MP

Partners and Directors of Law Firms

Oliver Holland

Partner, Leigh Day

Michael Newman

Partner, Leigh Day


Rebecca Foulkes 


Sara Ibrahim


Andrew Colman​​​​

Desiree A A Artesi



Sarah Robson


Katy Bond

Richard Smith


Susanna Rickard​​​​

Kate Van Rol 


Samantha Woodham 

Elisabeth Traugott


Hannah Thomas

Further Solicitors, In House Counsels & Legal Executives

Geneviève Rich


Richard Smith


Deborah Collins

Alexa Segal

Vitoria Nabas

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